Veteran’s Memorial Park Groundbreaking

Dore & Whittier provided in-kind design services for the South Burlington Veterans Committee’s $170,000 “Pathway of Honor” project located on Dorset Street.

The Memorial consists of three separate structures placed along a winding pathway to venerate all veterans, past and present, and to create a place of meaningful experience for visitors. The first commemorative is a larger-than-life stainless steel dog tag sculpture inscribed, “A Pathway of Honor for all Veterans”. The second memorial is a Vermont granite sculpture featuring brass insignias of all the branches of service. The inscription will read, “The citizens of South Burlington dedicate this memorial to all veterans who have served our country with honor. All gave some, some gave all.” The third monument is a 10-foot tall stainless steel cylinder wherein the theaters of war are carved out in large letters around the column, and in sunlight the letters will read in sharp contrast to the steel, and at night will be illuminated by the glow of an internal light source.