Blue Hills Regional Technical High School
Canton, Massachusetts

Dore + Whittier  joined the Blue Hills Regional Technical High School team once the MSBA approved funding for a feasibility study to review the problems identified. 

The original structure opened in 1966 and an addition was built in 1976. Programming includes 16 Chapter 74 certified career/vocational courses for grades 9-12. The entire building was considered “adequate” for its current instructional program; however, all windows, building entries, and certain major systems (heat loop, HVAC, fire annunciation, plumbing fixtures and distribution piping, and electrical infrastructure) needed to be replaced. ADA compliance was necessary, too.

D+W identified stakeholder concerns that might impact study options, determined a schedule that included specific milestones for the District (e.g., Town votes, project funding, occupancy issues), calculated life cycle costs of operating the school as it relates to future operational budgets, and developed creative solutions to maintaining operations during the renovations.

Renovations occurred in the occupied building while operations were ongoing with construction taking place in the summers of 2018 and 2019. Additional construction occurred during the school year during 2nd shift hours. No swing space or modulars were needed because of the 2nd shift construction work.

Project Details

Owner Blue Hills Regional Technical School District
Completed 2019
SQ. FT. 315,000