Dore + Whittier was established in 1992 to provide superior client-focused service on public and private design and construction projects.

Dore + Whittier (D+W) is a New England-based architectural and project management firm established in 1992. D+W has a current staff of 60 interesting, dedicated, and talented professionals seamlessly engaged across two offices, enabling comprehensive coverage throughout the region.

The firm’s philosophy and operations are service-oriented and are based on attaining a successful outcome on every project by virtue of three simple yet critical elements: 

Inspired DESIGN
Exceptional LEADERSHIP

With our staff’s considerable expertise and client-centric dedication, D+W is eminently qualified and excels at helping clients achieve their vision by skillfully guiding projects from initial concept to completion.

Inspired DESIGNthat is appropriate, responsive, and responsible.

D+W believes that a building reflects the character and desires of the people who own it, use it, and call it home. The firm promotes an integrated and collaborative approach on each project it undertakes, taking great care to capture the client’s vision and designing spaces that perform well and are equally functional and inspirational.

Superior PERFORMANCE…that is delivered through dedicated teamwork and an unwavering commitment to the project’s success and the client’s satisfaction.

A building’s design and resultant performance is measured by its ability to meet functional and aesthetic goals shaped by the project’s budgetary parameters. D+W projects meet design expectations with a mix of commonsense solutions and leading-edge technologies, including sustainable design features that can be measured through the LEED™ accreditation process.

Exceptional LEADERSHIP…that establishes and guides an open, transparent, and cooperative process and unifies the project team in mission.

With projects that most often involve numerous stakeholders, it is imperative that the design firm provides the appropriate level of leadership and guidance throughout the life of the project. D+W has a successful history of solving problems, developing practical solutions, and creating consensus by uniting people to serve a common purpose on behalf of the firm’s clients.